Statutory and Tax Compliance Obligations

– If the tax man doesn’t know the law how can you.

– If you get it wrong with IRD do you have to become an Australian?

Company Doctors

– We fight the battles and fix the wounded for you.

– What gives creditors the right to your personal assets?

– After we have been engaged you can answer your phone again.

 Covid 19

– Know the rules, the subsidies and the employer responsibilities?

– We can help you with the strategy for working under lockdowns.

In House Management Reporting

– Better than your own bean counter, three for the price of one.

– Numbers that you can understand.

– We won’t go to Sky City on your petty cash!

Project Consulting

– You don’t have to stress because we stress for you.

– We wear the hat so the pain in your head goes away.

Business Analysis

– It’s a bit silly if your employees are making cupboards before you’ve milled the trees!

– We provide solutions so you can go fishing.

Market Analysis

– In war know your enemy.

– Know when and where to fire your shots.

– Do your market analysis before the bailiff arrives!

Entrepreneurial Growth Advice

– Ensure your dream of becoming your own boss does not turn into a nightmare.

– Turn madness into heaven.

– Make dreams become reality.


– New tricks for old dogs.

– Let us get YOU into shape.